Máy dán, đóng toàn tự động


Máy dán, đóng toàn tự động

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Features 性能特点 

  1. The Max speed of stitching is 1200 nails /min, the gluing speed is 180 m/min,  greatly improves the production efficiency.
  2. The whole machine is controlled by PLC and touch screen and can be operated by buttons.
  3. Automatic paper feeding, automatic gluing and stitching, automatic folding, automatic correction, automatic counting, automatic stacking.
  4. The main drive adopts synchronous belt wheel type to ensure stable operation and accurate transmission.
  5. The main motor adopts dual frequency control , stable and power-saving
  6. The guide plates of each part are adjusted by the bar motor, accurate and easy to adjust.
  7. Adopting suction belt feeding mode, simple structure,fast speed , and accurate paper feeding .
  8. The paste tube can be adjusted arbitrarily to complete the glue application requirements of various cartons.
  9. With secondary correction function, eliminating the size of the mouth and reducing the scrap rate.
  10. With differential speed correction, the scissors difference are completely eliminated and the folding is more precise.
  11. The delivery and shaping department automatically counts, shapes, stacks , and outputs the whole stacks. 
  12. The pressure of the counting section is adjusted with the carton type, and adopting photoelectric counter , accurately count.
  13. Main Motor With Start Delay Protection Function. If Not All the Units Locked Well, the Main Motor Will Not Work. 
  14. It can be automatically match  strapping machine, convenient and fast save labor and time.
  • 最快钉箱速度1200钉/分钟,糊箱速度180米/分钟,速度快,大大提高生产效率。
  • 整机采用PLC和触摸屏操控,并可以通过按钮操作。
  • 自动供纸、自动粘箱/钉箱、自动折叠、自动校正、自动计数、自动堆码。
  • 主传动采用同步带轮式,保证运转平稳,传动比较精确。
  • 主马达采用双频控制,稳定省电。
  • 各部导板采用牙杆电机调节,调位准确,简单方便。
  • 采用吸风皮带送纸方式,结构简单、速度快、送纸准确。
  • 下糊筒任意调节,可完成各种纸箱上胶要求。
  • 具有二次纠偏功能,消除大小口,降低废品率。
  • 具有差速纠偏调节功能,彻底消除剪刀叉,折叠更精确。
  • 收纸整形部自动计数、整形、堆积成码、整码输出,速度快、精度高。
  • 计数部压力随盒样调节,采用光电计数器,准确计数。
  • 手调部位全部安装刻度盘指示,方便操作。
  • 可任意搭配自动打包、捆扎整机联线速度快、节省人工。


Electrical control features 电气自动控制系统特点

  1. More than 95percent of the electrical Elements are International Famous Brand. The Control Center use the Servo CNC positioning technology, there are Color Touch Screen And Push button operating device Memory Parameters in all working Unit. When you stopped the machine when producing products, the data you had already set will be reset automatically and you do not need set again, it saves time and boards.
  2. With 1000+Orders Saved Memory Storage. With Computer Control, Save Order Date, Fast Order Shaft and also easier operate.
  3. All units use Pneumatic lock, electricity apart, the feeding wheels will stop when apart the machine to ensure the working accuracy next time.
  • 90%以上电器元件均采用国际知名品牌,主要控制采用伺服数控定位技术,每一个工作单元都设有彩色触摸屏或按钮装置,快捷输入操作,用记忆参数,而在生产中的停机,开机,所设定参数均可自动复位,省时省纸。
  • PLC记忆模块可储存记忆10000+订单,快速换单。
  • 各部分气动锁紧,电动分合,分开时送纸轮会自动刹车,确保下次运行时的精度。


Auto feeding unit 自动送纸部

  1. 10 set of Japan Nitta Fully suction belt control, Pneumatic Baffle Patting Device(Side Baffle),The Patting Frequency can be setting on the touch screen with Computer.
  2. Apart all units with one button, auto Back To “Zero” Design.
  3. Transmitting Axis with Friction Type clutch, Avoid damaging the machine if any wrong operation.
  4. Main Motor With Start Delay Protection Function. If Not All the Units Locked Well,the Main Motor Will Not Work. 
  5. U Shape Teel table side Strips Between Machine units, avoid hurting the operator if any wrong operation.
  6. Back Top Boards Stacker With Motorized Forward and backward Movement, save setting time. 
  7. Front Boards Distance Adjust With Manual Synchronous Adjustment, convenient and fast adjust. 
  8. Continue feeding and skip feeding available.
  9. Boards Feeding Number Counter, Set and Display the production Quantity. 
  10. With The cam bearings Transmission Reduce the Abrasion to make sure smoothly transmission.

  • 气动式侧拍装置(操作侧),可在屏幕设定拍纸的频率。
  • 可一键自动重置机台,机台合拢自动归零装置。
  • 传动轴附摩擦式离合器,避免误动作而损坏机器。
  • 主动马达启动自动保护装置。。
  • 机台面全钢材质,更稳定,光滑侧U口,无锋口,避免对人员伤害。
  • 送至系统由10条全吸附皮带控制,送纸更精确,更平稳、更耐用,最大限度保证了机器的长期正常使用。
  • 三轴前缘送纸,加大风机流量,使高速低速送纸更准确。
  • 手动调整风门,控制真空气流及压力,以配合纸板尺寸。
  • 变频器调整风量,控制真空气流及压力,以配合纸板尺寸。
  • 由前面定位,减少送纸误差,提高送纸精确度。
  • 左右挡板位置采用电脑及电动数字控制,可在屏幕上直接输入参数完成定位。
  • 后托纸架电动控制前后,加快设置速度。
  • 前挡纸板间隙手动同步调整,方便快捷。
  • 可连续或隔张送纸。
  • 送纸计数器,设定、显示生产数量


Auto pressing unit 压线部

  1. Lead edge feeder with independent servo motor drive for feeding,
  2. Fully Vacuum Transfer feeder with pressing. No damage done the boards.
  3. The pressure regulating device is installed on each guide plate, and the pressure can be adjusted according to the thickness of the carton,
  • 二次压线轮(2&4细线):
  • 上下压线轮轴实心钢所制,二次研磨、镀硬铬、配有3*2共六组压线轮+加四组。
  • 压线轮外表包裹优力胶,不伤害纸板,优力胶与压线座采用可拆卸式结构,方便更換。


Auto folding unit 自动折纸部

  1. According to different Size of cartons, cartons, in front of the folding part with one or more gluing device. Gluing device consists of coated rubber wheel, upper pressure wheel and rubber box composed of.A, B, two blocks have independent deceleration motor drive, in debugging convenient and quick
  2. Board is mainly through three 60mm wide base band and two 60mm wide and two fold abduction catheter to achieve left and right sides of second line and fourth line 180 of the folding process.
  3. There are a number of different angles of the guide wheel, according to different paper and cardboard thickness, adjust the guide wheel of the different position and angle, make the cardboard folding more smoothly
  4. Independent deceleration Sevor motor drive, easy to operate, the bottom belt with a number of supporting bearings, to support the smooth running of the boot belt
  5. Independent transmission according to the needs of the box type can adjust the speed of the box forming any more perfect.
  • The folded carton is adjusted from the folding part to the correction department, and the upper and lower belt of the correction part can adjust the speed of the upper and lower belt for the carton according to the need of the carton, so as to minimize the height of the carton
  • The correction department consists of A/B two block guides, each plate is equipped with correction wheel, according to the carton needs to amend the size of the carton sealing
  • The servo correction system is installed on the positive part of the school, and the carton is corrected again after the correction wheel of the carton, so that the carton can achieve a more perfect effect

  • 本折部选用100mm底吸风带和80mm宽的拐带组合而成,
  • 左右两边完成第二折线180度、第四折线180度完全粘合,
  • 左右导轮根据不同位置调校以配合折箱更顺畅,下方轴承支持引导皮带正确运转。
  • 全程吸附传送系统:日本NITTA四同步皮带真空吸附传送系统,直线导轨定向,纸箱成型更精美


Pushing&Snapping Unit 自动拍齐部 (Rectifying section)

  1. Rectifying section the unique cam, bilateral drive, use Swiss linear bearings, make chrome bar sliding, the corrector plate is more powerful and more uniform correction on the carton, carton sealing to ensure accuracy. Using independent 80mm wide, 6mm Taiwan import belt soft thick moderate, not crushed products; the count part can move back and forth balanced; pressure, order transmission, ensure perfect quality;
  2. Rectifying Section available, second adjust cardboard shape, 
  3. make sure carton better quality and reducing fish-tail within 2mm-0mm


Stitching box unit 钉箱部

  1. High speed swing stitching head more than 1200nail/minute,
  2. The school just the carton by two 60 width flat belt into the nail box department, 
  3. Two belts can be adjusted according to the thickness of the cardboard Automatically.
  4. Correction block is installed at the junction of the nail box and the correction part, which is used in conjunction with the servo correction system of the correction part and the correction part
  5. Equipped with a patented design of swing type double screw nail head nail box, a clutch and brake with electric eye drive, nail nail / rate of more than 1000 minutes, high speed does not stop making the carton nailing speed at a constant speed transmission between the speed and the distance between the nail is directly related to when the nail box paste box when the nail head switch will automatically lift the nail box with the speed of the host.


Counting & Stacking section: 计数输出部

  1. Automatic counting, photoelectric + infrared point control
  2. Automatic counting, automatic stacking, faster, more accurate technology, higher efficiency
  3. The counting speed is automatically adjusted according to the rotational speed of the nail box, manual operation mode and adjusting speed can also be selected
  • 自动计数,光电+红外线点控
  • 自动堆码,速度更快,更精准,效率更高。







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